Monday, March 17, 2008

How did Mordechai feed Esther?????????

2:7 “Vayihi Omein Es Hadasa Hi Esther Bas Dodo”

The Medrish in (Breishis Rabba, Parsha 30) mentions a “Peledicka Zach”: Mordechai looked around all of Shushan for a wet-nurse for Esther. After much time spent-- he couldn’t find one. In the end, Hashem did a miracle and gave him the ability to nurse her.

Where in the Megillah can this interesting Medrish be learned out from?

Rav Chaim Kanievsky Shlit”a writes that it is possible that this Peleh can be learned out from the pasuk, “Vayihi Omein es Hadassa Hi Esther”. We know that every time that the term Vayihi is used it connotes something negative (See [Va]yihi vs. [Vi]haya). What was the negative thing that happened here?

Rav Chaim answers that Mordechai needed an Omenes (wet nurse) but could not find one. When it said Vayihi Omen it connotes that he himself fed Esther.

After discussing the matter with my friend Gabi, he told me about a Rama Mipanu in Shaar Hagilgulim which quotes a story about a man who needed a wet-nurse. After much time searching, he still could not find one. One day, “out of the blue”, Hashem gave him the ability to nurse his child. The Rama MePanu says that this person was a gilgul of Mordechai!

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You are Sorely Missed!