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The Beur Halacha asks the question, how can Chazal say that people should drink if they run the possibility of hurting themselves?

The Eliya Rabba answers that people do not have to drink it is just Lichatchila to. This is a day of Kedusha, not a day to be idiots, a cheshbon MUST be made so that no brachos are missed!

The Gemara in Messeches Megilla 7b tells the story of Rava and Rav Zeira who ate their Seuda together. Rava drank so much that he ultimately killed Rav Zeira. Rav Zeira came back to life. Upon being asked to rejoin him the next year, R’ Zeira responded, “We do not depend on Miracles”. The Q is…….

Q: How much should one drink on Purim?

- The Gematria of Arrur Haman and Baruch Mordechai is 502 – When you can no longer figure out the Gematria you have drunk too much.

- (Taz and Gr”a) Until you can no longer contemplate which victory was greater: The win of Mordechai or the demise of Haman.

- (Yad Efraim) Drink enough that you still understand (Ad Bichlall) the difference between Arrur Haman and Baruch Mordechai. Once you pass this point you have lost the ikkar mitzvos hayom.

- (Tosafos) Until you no longer know the words to Shoshanas Yaakov

- (Baal Hamaor) The Gemara tells the story of Rava and R’ Zeira to show that Chazal were entirely mivatel the Chiyuv to drink. (Problem: If this was true then why did R’ Zeira turn down Rava the next year?)

- (Rambam) Until one falls asleep from being drunk.

- (Rama) Until one can fall asleep/ a little bit more than one is used to.

Please Do not Drink and Drive!

*All Heard from R' Shaya Greenwald Shlit"a (Yeshivas Ohr Yerushalayim)

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