Thursday, December 20, 2007

How many tribes are there?!

48:6 “Ephraim and Menasseh shall be mine….but progeny born after them shall be yours”

What is meant by this verse?

Rashi astutely answers that Yaakov had included Ephraim and Menasseh as part of the 12 tribes. Yaakov was telling Yosef that only Emphraim and Menasseh would be included in this count but any of his other children would not be their own tribes but listed as part of Ephraim and Menasseh (specifically when it comes to inheriting land in Eretz Yisrael)

Ephraim and Menasseh were unique children. Much like Yosef they stayed true to their roots and maintained their identities while entrenched in the immoral dissolute of Mitzrayim.

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You are Sorely Missed!

You are Sorely Missed!