Friday, December 14, 2007

Ask the Rabbi

45:24 “And he told them do not get angry on the way”

Rashi quotes a Gemara in Taanis that says that the Brothers should not stop on the way to discuss Divrei Halacha.

If it is true that the proper understanding of this pasuk is entirely concerned with the brothers learning Halacha then why was Yosef so adamantly against it?

R’ Sorotzkin answers, because they were carrying with themselves a remez to the topic of Eglah Arufa which is what Yosef had last learned with his father. Yosef therefore did not want them to discuss this on the way.

Why then did Yosef not say this straight out? This is very loose language!

Yosef understood that when people learn they often times either have sefarim to refer to or people who they can ask questions to. Only at this point are they able to reach a conclusive end while learning with as little argument as possible.

If they learn on the road however they will continue arguing to no end and they will end out in a skirmish. Yosef is telling them, “don’t argue on the way”, until you get back home and you can discuss these divrei halacha with Yaakov Avinu.

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You are Sorely Missed!