Saturday, May 17, 2008

Kippot Or Yarmulkes?

Q:Why do we call it Kippot or Yarmulke.

A: The word Yarmulke is a Yiddish word. It derives from the Polish word "jarmulka" meaning a cap The claim that it comes from an Aramaic phrase "Yari Malka", is meaning "Fear of the King," is without evidence, as is the claim of the Hebrew phrase "Ya'are me Elohim", "To tremble beneath the Lord". The interpretation is that it is a tribute to God is emotionally resonant for Jews, which explains the popularity of this folk etymology. Thats why we call it Yarmulke. Kippot In Hebrew, the word kippah means dome. It is fascinating that the ancient Gothic word kappel still exists in the Yiddish termtoday. The equivalent of the Hebrew word kippah is the French "calotte" and the Italian "calotta", meaning an architectural dome. and that's why we call it kippot.



Anonymous said...

you can see at why its called kippot

Ibn Mordechai said...

Thank You,That's where I actually got this information from

Kippah said...

Thank you for sharing a very knowledgeable historic information..Its one thing of promoting Kippot and Yarmulkes.

You are Sorely Missed!

You are Sorely Missed!