Thursday, February 28, 2008

Simcha Enhancers

Most recently I struck up a conversation with my good friend Moshe Jacobs. I had noticed that Moshe had been very busy and I wanted to know if everything was alright. After seeing the glow on his face I realized that he must have been up to BIG THINGS.

The answer to what had been consuming all of his time can be said in two words, Simcha Enhancers. Moshe had taken it upon himself to spearhead an initiative that will G-d willing change the face of simchas in the Tri-State area forever.

After attending a few weddings he was disappointed by the amount of simcha that was displayed (or lack there of). Of course, every one was smiling, clapping, and dancing with the new bride and groom, but the simcha was still lacking. Immediately he devised a plan. He was going to create a wedding shtick gemach that would be available to any simcha-goers, in order to enhance their event.

It started with just an idea, but after creating a catalog and website (, Moshe now finds himself spending most of his time dealing with this unbelievable chesed.

After perusing the world wide web for a good way to contrast a traditional wedding with a Jewish wedding, I stumbled upon an article that was written by Emunah Braverman on

Simply put,
"At a non-traditional wedding, after the ceremony is over, the newly married disappear in the middle of the dance floor briefly surfacing to hear some toasts. There's tremendous pressure to have the right dress, and even more pressure, to bring an appropriate date. A Jewish wedding is different. The whole goal -- the only goal -- is to make the bride and the groom happy. It's not about the food, the dance partners, their lives. This is the bride and groom's special moment. And it's up to us to create it."

Just remember, two words, SIMCHA ENHANCERS.


JSJcbs said...

Ibn, Awesome!!!! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

simcha enhancers are the best!

You are Sorely Missed!

You are Sorely Missed!