Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Shinui Makom in a Car

Within the context of Hilchos Brachos and the specifics that surround them, many discuss the topic of shinui makom. Much ink has been spilled (Baruch Hashem) on the topic, and as the situational norms change on this topic, so do their applications in Halacha.

A contemporary issue that has risen is the question of whether or not saying a bracha in a car is considered to be a makom kavua. The nafka mina being the moment that one leaves the car. If the car is considered to be a makom, then the moment that one leaves his car, in order to continue his meal/drink he would have to make a new bracha. If the car is not considered to be a makom however, then saying a new bracha upon leaving the automobile would be unnecessary.

We conclude that if the subject began eating or drinking while the car was in motion, he may continue eating once he gets to his target location without the need for a new bracha. This is because eating in a moving vehicle is considered eating without any set place. Halacha would even maintain that he can continue eating, even if, upon making the initial bracha, he had no intention of continuing his meal/snack after reaching his destination.

If however, he began his food in a stationary vehicle, with the intention of finishing his meal while still parked, but nonetheless his meal extends until after the car starts moving again. He may continue eating without having to say a new bracha, as long as he stays in the car. The moment that he leaves the car it would require a new bracha.*

*See the The Daily Halacha Discussion, who quotes the MB 178:42, as explained in B’tzeil ha-Chochma 6:73-74 and V’sein Beracha, pg.148, quoting Harav Y.S. Elyashiv.

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You are Sorely Missed!